Marketing/Promotion Division:

SIM, Inc. taps into emotional and professional platforms to engage the consumer according to their needs, desires and terms.  Let us help you meet the needs of your customers; while getting value in return.

E-Blast | Infectious Marketing | Flyers/poster design | Brochures & newsletters | Festivals/Concerts | Ad Campaigns | Product Placement | In/Out Bound Marketing

Public Relations Division:

We develop, establish, and implement public relations campaigns to market our clients, organizations, companies and events to ensure a strong public image. We answer inquiries from the general public and media, pre, post and during the event. Let us design your media package.

Press Kits | Media Advisory | Post Release | Press Conferences | Media Junkets

SIM, Inc.

We now provide business solution packages that include; but are not limited to reorganization; outsourcing; human resource management; executive personal assistance; travel management; corporate auditing and inventory.

Candidate for District Court Judge James Cyrus

Candidate for District Court Judge James Cyrus

Congress Woman Alma Adams

Congress Woman Alma Adams

Former Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter

Former Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter

Grand Prize Winner of JL King Publishing's

 $2500 "Write Time" Contest

Chris Beckwith
Chris Beckwith

"One Hell of a Ride"

We respectively regret that we  are unable to post the entry; due to creative content.  To receive a copy of the entry; please request at or

Congratulations, Chris we are looking forward to seeing your finished work!

LaShawnna Stanley
LaShawnna Stanley - First Runner Up

"And Y'all Wonder Why the White B*%^$#& are Winning"

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Plate & Silverware

Dr. Deberrah Williams-Second Runner Up

The Hunt is On

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(photo in progress)

Darlene Byrd

Darlene Byrd-Honorable Mention

Ms. Byrd's entry is a work in progress.  To follow her writing career please email her @